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A GCC STM32F4 Project Template

Setting up an STM32F4 embedded project using GNU tools (gcc, ld, etc.) involves a few things – a makefile, a linker script and some startup code. This process is very similar for most or maybe all STM32 ARM microcontrollers. Creating a project template will greatly speed up development since we don’t have to go through the project creation process manually each time we create a new project. In this post we’ll explore how to set up a very simple project template that we can use as a starting point for future STM32F4 projects.

SSD1322 OLED Fun: Part Two

In part one of this series we explored how to generate resources for the SSD1322 OLED driver chip from Solomon Systech. In this post we’ll dive deeper into the inner workings of the SSD1322 OLED driver chip. We’ll also utilize the resources we generated in the previous post in a simple example. We’ll use a display manufactured by NewHaven Display to test our code. However our code should work for other displays based on the SSD1322. Let’s dive in!

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