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Writing Embedded Drivers

Embedded drivers are the glue between software and hardware, and are a very important part of embedded systems. In other words embedded drivers enable us to easily talk to chips using interfaces like TWI (Two Wire Interface) because unfortunately chips don’t speak English – pun intended. Being able to write simple embedded drivers is a good skill to have although platforms with good libraries like Arduino exist. You don’t want to be stuck on a project because you can’t find a library for a critical chip in your design.  I’ll use the HDC1000 chip from Texas Instruments as an example for writing embedded drivers. Let’s dive in.

Interfacing With HD44780 Displays

Whether you’re designing a thermometer, a radio or some sort of embedded gadget, an LCD is a great way to show information to and interact with the user. The HD44780 is a popular dot matrix LCD controller from Hitachi. In this post I’ll talk about how to communicate with LCD displays which use the HD44780 chip.

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